Trinidad mayor blames woman killed at Carnival for her own death

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Authorities in Trinidad say a Japanese steel-drum musician who flew to the Caribbean island to play in a steel percussion competition has been killed.

An autopsy report found that Asami Nagakiya had been manually strangled during the island’s annual Carnival celebration. Her body was found Wednesday in a large park, Queen’s Park Savannah, in Trinidad’s capital.


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The mayor of Port-of-Spain, Raymond Tim Kee, has since made this comment to members of the media in response to her death: “The woman has the responsibility to ensure that they are not abused.”

Kee went on to make further remarks, acknowledging the “lewd behaviour” which is “encouraged” by men at Carnival.

People are outraged at Kee’s statements, and feel he should no longer hold public office. A petition has started up at Change老域名出售 to get Kee to resign, and it has almost reached its goal of 10,000 signatures.

Apparently Nagakiya was a frequent visitor to Trinidad & Tobago, and played with the Silver Stars Orchestra.

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Nagakiya had flown to Trinidad on Jan. 7 to play with the band, a 120-person steel drum ensemble that plays calypso, classical and pop music. The band was playing in the Panorama steel pan competition, which is held during Trinidad’s Carnival.

Japanese Embassy spokesman Shoichi Ueda said Nagakiya was in her 30s and that her family lives in Japan. So far there are no details of an investigation into her death.

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