Reported flu cases increase slightly in Saskatoon

Nov 15 2018

SASKATOON – There are renewed calls from the Saskatoon Health Region to roll up your sleeves and get a flu shot. Officials say they have seen a slight increase in the number of confirmed influenza cases.

There have been 67 cases reported so far this season.

That’s a big change from the 451 cases reported at this time last year.

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  • Is ‘man flu’ real? Canadian docs explain sex differences in fighting the flu

  • Flu season off to slow start, expected to increase in coming weeks

    “This hasn’t been a typical influenza season, and we are just now beginning to see an upswing in confirmed influenza cases that could last well into March,” said Dr. Simon Kapaj, the region’s deputy health minister.

    “Of particular concern are the health risks that seasonal influenza poses to our most vulnerable populations, including the elderly, young children, pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems or other chronic health conditions, and their caregivers.”

    Officials expect influenza activity in the province will peak in the third or fourth week of February.

    READ MORE: Why this year’s flu season is off to a slow, nearly non-existent start

    Those looking to get a flu immunization shot can do so by booking an appointment with their nearest public health office, making an appointment with a doctor or visiting a pharmacy offering the vaccine. More information is available online from the health region.

    To date, over 83,000 people in the Saskatoon Health Region have been immunized, including 63 per cent of the region’s staff.

    Meaghan Craig contributed to this story

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WATCH: Hé Ho, Festival du Voyageur gets ready to open to public

Nov 15 2018

WINNIPEG —; Manitobans, get ready to put on your sashes and throw on your plaid, the 47th annual Festival du Voyageur is about to kick off. The ten day winter event begins Friday at 5 p.m.

Festival organizers, as well as Premier Greg Selinger, Mayor Brian Bowman, and MP Dan Vandall were outside Fort Gibraltor Thursday morning to give the public a sneak preview.

READ MORE: MAP: Festival du Voyageur snow sculptures around Winnipeg

“It’s a great honour to be here,” Bowman said. “To welcome Winnipeggers, Canadians and visitors from around the world, who will be visiting us at the Voyageur Park. It’s a beautifu festival that celebrates our Francophone and Métis culture.”

Premier Greg Selinger, MP Dan Vandal and Mayor Brian Bowman celebrating the Festival du Voyageur.

Global News

Official Festival Family, The Sorin family.

MP Dan Dan Vandal helping unveil the CMHR exhibit, Let Them Howl.

This year’s festival has lots of new events, such as a Valentine’s Day “Single’s Day”, Karaoke Night, as well as a board game night.

WATCH: Mayor Brian Bowman, Premier Greg Selinger and MP Dan Vandall outside Fort Gibraltor Thursday morning, celebrating the Festival du Voyageur

Mayor Bowman calls for residents to ‘Be Voyageur’


Mayor Bowman calls for residents to ‘Be Voyageur’


Premier Selinger kicks off Festival du Voyageur


Saint Boniface–Saint Vital MP hypes up Winnipegers for Festival du Voyageur

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Although there is plenty of new activities to take in, there will also be all of the old favourites. Snow and ice sculpting, traditional arts and trades and crafts demonstrations, snowshoe workshops and tours will run throughout the festival.

READ MORE: Festival du Voyageur showcases this year’s entertainment line up

“Winnipeg is buzzing with excitement and people are embracing winter like never before,” said Dan Leclerc, president of Festival du Voyageur. “Tomorrow Voyageur Park will open its doors and welcome tens of thousands of visitors.”

The organizers also unveiled the new Canadian Human Rights Museum exhibit, Let Them Howl, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of Manitoba women winning the right to vote.

CMHR Exhibit: Let Them Howl

Festival du Voyageur kicks runs from February 12 to the 21.

The ten day festival pass for adults costs $32. Youth between the ages of 13 and 17 can get the pass for $16, while kids aged six to 12 cost $11 a head. Kids under the age of five get in free. Eager beavers can knock a few bucks off each of those prices by buying pre-sale tickets.

Single-day passes cost $18 for adults, $11 for youth and $9 for kids over the age of five.

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Undercover Uber: The inside scoop on ride-sharing

Nov 15 2018

MONTREAL – With tensions rising between Uber and the taxi industry, the pressure is on municipal and provincial governments to find solutions.

Montreal taxi drivers have been protesting the ride-sharing service, shutting down streets and blocking access to the airport.

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Some have even gone as far as smashing the phone of an Uber-driving cabbie.

Drivers claim the ride-sharing service is against the law and is eliminating their jobs, but that didn’t stop the City of Edmonton from legalising the service.

READ MORE: Edmonton paves the way in Canada for Uber

This puts the ball into the court of the provincial governments to figure out their stance on the issue.

For now, Quebec has agreed to call a parliamentary commission to look into Uber’s entry into the marketplace.

Quebec’s Transport Minister Jacques Daoust warned that “disruptive technologies” like Uber are probably here to stay, but that a solution has to be found.

Christopher Nardi, a journalist at the Journal de Montréal, sat down with Senior Anchor Jamie Orchard to discuss his first-hand experience working as an undercover Uber driver for a week.

“Just in my first day, I was really stunned to notice all the clients are really young,” Nardi said.

“I can count on my two hands the number of clients I had over 30.”

He believes the demographic of Uber users reflects the service’s low price and convenience, since students were his biggest clientèle.

He mused that the large attraction to Uber could mean the future of transportation may very well be ride-sharing services rather than the conventional taxi system.

WATCH: Montreal taxis fight Uber

Taxi drivers confront Uber


Taxi drivers confront Uber


Montreal taxi drivers continue fight against Uber


New Montreal taxi laws come into effect


Montreal taxi mystery shoppers

Nardi revealed many Uber drivers feel threatened by their taxi counterparts; passengers will often sit in the front seat or retrieve their own luggage from the trunk to “look more subtle in case taxi drivers are on the hunt.”

“They’ve developed tricks actually so that they kind of pass the test when taxi drivers are looking for them,” he said.

Nardi noted passengers even refrained from checking their phone too often while waiting for an Uber driver to avoid detection.

Despite the possibility of threats, he said Uber will pay any tickets or fees incurred upon drivers, including impounding charges if a car is seized.

Based on his experience, Nardi said Uber tries to make it very appealing for drivers to join the service, having no signup fees, no set schedules and no extra insurance required.

On the other hand, becoming a taxi driver in Montreal requires licenses and permits, as well as 150 hours of training.

The Commission des transports du Québec estimates the average cost of the permit at $189,180.

Taxi drivers claim it is unfair that their jobs are being taken by ride-sharing services and autonomous drivers who don’t have proper permits.

All the same, Nardi foresees change and modernisation in the taxi industry following Edmonton’s legalisation of Uber, and insists the question is not if it will be legalised in Quebec, but when.

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Top seeds still going strong at Viterra Championship

Aug 15 2019

There’s been no major upsets yet at the Viterra Championship. All of the top five seeds continue to march along at the provincial men’s curling championship in Selkirk.

Top seed and defending champion Reid Carruthers, 2nd seed Mike McEwen, 3rd seed William Lyburn, 4th seed Daley Peters and 5th seed Alex Forrest are all still undefeated. All five rinks are safely through to Friday morning’s A Side qualifier games.

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RELATED: Reid Carruthers gets the nod as top seed for Provincial Men’s Curling Championship

Top seed Reid Carruthers made quick work of La Salle’s Randy Neufeld in draw 6 on Thursday afternoon. Carruthers defeated Neufeld 9-2 in just eight ends.

2nd Seed and five time provincial finalist Mike McEwen topped Brandon’s Terry McNamee 11-4. The Canadian Junior Gold Medalist Matt Dunstone rink also moved into an A Side qualifier game with a 7-2 victory over the Fort Rouge Tyler Drews rink.

Earlier on Thursday the 3rd seeded Lyburn rink defeated Arborg’s Kyle Foster 9-4. Peters won his second straight game 8-3 over the Granite’s Trevor Loreth. Forrest advanced with a 9-3 triumph over Brandon’s Steve Irwin. Dennis Bohn beat his twin brother David Bohn 9-2 to advance in the bracket. Scott Ramsay has also secured one of the eight spots in the A side qualifier games.

The 32 team field has been cut to 21 as of Thursday evening with Butch Mouck, Steve Pauls, Shaun Parsons, Doug Harrison, Kyle Foster, Ray Baker and Derek Oryniak all getting eliminated on Thursday.

A Side Qualifiers – Friday 8:30 a.m.:

Mike McEwen vs Dennis BohnMatt Dunstone vs William LyburnDaley Peters vs Alex ForrestReid Carruthers vs Scott Ramsay

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Crooner Michael Buble lauds B.C. Music Fund

Aug 15 2019

VANCOUVER – Michael Buble says British Columbia has the potential to become the “Nashville of Canada,” and a new $15-million government grant will help foster a thriving local music industry.

The Metro Vancouver-born crooner joined Premier Christy Clark on Thursday to announce the B.C. Music Fund, which aims to help emerging and well-known artists with production, distribution and promotion.

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“Truly, it’s never been tougher to develop a career as an artist,” Buble said. “Thanks to you, premier, people who want to pursue a music career here will be able to do so and not have to leave home, which is pretty incredible.”

The announcement was part of the launch of a new Music Canada report, “B.C.’s Music Sector: From Adversity to Opportunity,” which argues the province is filled with talent but its music industry is in serious decline.

The report makes 26 recommendations, including appointing a municipal music officer to serve as a liaison with industry and advocate for music tourism, land use planning that takes into account the need for new music venues and removing liquor-licensing red tape.

Buble said Nashville, Tenn., brings in billions in music revenue and the onus is partly on established artists like himself to promote B.C.

“To be honest with you, they don’t know yet. They haven’t met us yet,” he joked, referencing one of his hits and drawing laughs and groans from the crowd.

The event was attended by B.C.-based music stars including Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger, well-known talent manager Bruce Allen and rocker Matthew Good.

Clark recalled her own fond musical memories, including going to see punk rockers D.O.A. at her first concert and watching Buble sing at a mosque when he was 16.

She said the $15-million grant from the province will support the creation of the fund, which will be managed by Creative B.C. and include money for music education, live venues and touring.

“If we can become the L.A. of the world for film, why can’t we become the Nashville of the world for music?” she asked.

Clark said the fund could grow or change in the coming years, depending on how well it works. In contrast, the Ontario Music Fund was established in 2013 as a three-year, $45-million grant program and was later made permanent.

Juno Award-winning indie artist Dan Mangan asked Clark how the money will be disseminated to emerging artists, to which the premier responded that Creative B.C. would offer more application details soon.

Mangan said after the event that he would like to see a substantial amount of the money go towards touring and recording.

“We have no program in place yet to help people record albums in this province, which is crazy. Every province in the country has it and we don’t. We’ve been a bit of a laughingstock,” he said.

“Let alone the housing cost, B.C. has been a very hard place to live and be a musician and make a living in the last number of years. (The fund is) good. I just want to see it spread out across a number of platforms.”

— Follow @ellekane on 桑拿会所.

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Flu cases and related deaths continue to rise in Alberta

Aug 15 2019

New figures released by Alberta Health Services show the number of flu cases is still rising across the province, with three new flu-related deaths.

This flu season, there have been 10 flu-related deaths across the province; seven in Edmonton and three in Calgary.

Of the three new deaths, all were caused by the H1N1 strain, according to AHS. Two of the victims were not immunized, while the third, a 65-year-old, was.

As of Feb. 11, the number of confirmed influenza cases (both Influenza A and B) in the Edmonton zone had reached 593, up 167 from last week. In Calgary, there have been 385 confirmed influenza cases, up 102 from the week before.

In total, Alberta flu numbers have now reach 1,392 cases, an increase of 414 since last Thursday.

READ MORE: Young and old advised to take precautions as flu cases rise

Early in 2016, AHS urged Albertans to get immunized amidst news the province was in the early stages of “an influenza outbreak.”

More than one million Albertans have received the flu shot this season. Over 448,000 doses have been administered in the Calgary zone, compared to just over 363,000 in the Edmonton zone.

Click here to find out where you can get your flu shot.

With files from Heather Yourex-West

ChangSha Night Net


  • Winnipeg care homes face influenza outbreak

    Don’t worry yourself sick over flu

  • Will this year’s flu shot work better than last year’s flop?

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CT scanner now operational at Leduc Community Hospital

Aug 15 2019

EDMONTON – Patients in the City of Leduc and surrounding communities will now have access to specialized diagnostic technology.

A new computed tomography (CT) scanner suite has opened at Leduc Community Hospital (LCH). The scan is considered vital by medical professionals for its quick and accurate diagnosis. It is especially useful for emergency patients and those requiring surgery.

CT scanners hone in on specific parts of the body, providing a 3-D image. They can detect trauma, tumors and infections, as well as detect issues with the spinal cord.

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  • Alberta PET/CT scan equipment running again after month-long delay

    AHS to triple PET/CT scans in Calgary

    “We were transporting over 600 patients requiring CT scans each year to Edmonton from this facility, and EMS diverted patients with spinal or head injuries in the Leduc County area to an alternative facility that provides CT scanner services,” the facility’s medical director Dr. Bob Simard said.

    READ MORE: ‘We know this is causing stress’: AHS announces PET/CT scan delays

    In its first two weeks of operation, 19 inpatient and 17 emergency department patients have received CT scans at the hospital. The Alberta Health Services facility serves as the primary emergency centre for several communities, including Nisku, Beaumont and Calmar.

    Emergency room visits to the hospital have risen to over 25,000 per year, according to the Black Gold Health Foundation.

    READ MORE: 3.4 million Canadians had unmet health care needs in 2014: report

    The foundation has a five-year plan to raise money to pay for the equipment. Last April, Black Gold Health Foundation launched a campaign to raise $1.25 million to purchase the scanner.

    AHS will cover the operational and staffing costs.

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No raise for you! Paycheques are shrinking across Canada

Aug 15 2019

Wages are edging lower for new hires across the country, fresh data shows, as the resource downturn ripples into hourly compensation levels throughout Canada’s job market. And there’s more pressure to come, experts say.

The national average of per-hour pay dropped 3.15 per cent between January of last year and last fall, to $18.45, Statistics Canada said Thursday.

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The wage declines were most pronounced in provinces hit hardest by a plunge in oil and other commodity prices. Average pay dropped 5 per cent in Alberta, and declined a full 9 per cent in Saskatchewan as oil prices spiraled lower throughout last year.

But even in economically healthier regions such as British Columbia wages fell throughout 2015 – a year which saw a mild recession take hold through the first six months of the year.

MORE: Here’s how your chequebook will fare this year

Click here to view data »

No let-up

Pressure on worker wages isn’t likely to ease this year, either. Deepening declines in the price of oil – which was nearing $26 a barrel on Thursday – is casting a long shadow on income prospects across the country.

“Slashed oil patch revenues are still affecting the energy sector along with supporting industries,” Heather McAteer, an economist at the Conference Board of Canada said.

The Ottawa-based researcher said Friday – perhaps optimistically – that private-sector wages are expected to rise 2.1 per cent this year, down from a previous estimate of 2.5 per cent made last summer. Average pay in the oil-and-gas sector is expected to nudge higher by just 0.5 per cent.

MORE: Worried about Canada’s economy? Its ‘saviour’ just showed up

Projected increases in pay actually rose for two industry sectors, the Conference Board report said: transportation and manufacturing. Factory salaries are perhaps poised to benefit from a long-awaited boost from the lower Canadian dollar, which appears to finally be helping Canadian factories win more business from U.S. and foreign customers.

“All remaining industries have adjusted salary projections downward since the summer, with the exception of the finance, insurance and real estate industry,” the report said.

Here’s a look at the average hourly rate by province:

Click here to view data »


Global National

More doom and gloom expected for Canada’s economy



Wall asks for federal money to remediate oil well sites


Global National

Transplanted Albertans hit hard by oil slump head back to Atlantic Canada

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‘It spun out of control quickly’: Angus Reid on his gambling addiction and recovery

Jul 16 2019

What started as a social outlet with his teammates quickly spiraled out of control for former CFL player Angus Reid, ending in a full-blown competitive addiction to gambling.

It’s a piece of the two-time Grey Cup champion’s life that few knew. It started during the 2007 and 2008 seasons as his first marriage was falling apart. Gambling, Reid says, was an outlet for him to hide and wash his problems away for more than a year.

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“I’d go with the team after practice, it was a fun, social thing,” the now retired BC Lions’ centre said.

“But then it became less with other people and more by myself and it spun out of control quickly.”

On Thursday, Reid went public about his former gambling addiction at a Leadership Lunch hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade.

It’s perhaps difficult to imagine Reid, who had a 14-year career with the Lions, with no money, a huge debt, and living in his parents’ basement.

“It started off as $100, $200 then it got up to $1,000, $2,000, $5,000, $10,000 and honestly I would go until there was no way to get money that night,” Reid recalls.

“It escalated quickly because I’m so hyper-competitive and so stubborn and I have this delusional belief that you can always win, as a lot of athletes do. As soon as the losses mounted, you chase harder and it added it up pretty quick.”

EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Global BC online producer Paula Baker sat down for a candid interview with former BC Lion Angus Reid to talk about how he overcame his personal addiction with gambling.

If Reid had a free moment and access to money, he would head to the casino and play blackjack. He never gambled on sports, online or even bought a lottery ticket. Blackjack, he says, was the game that best worked with his personality and he never deviated from it.

Reid estimates losing about $50,000 during this period of his life.

Along with losing his money, Reid’s marriage fell apart and his health was also taking a hit. He wasn’t sleeping, he was losing weight and he was worried about keeping his career.

Once while caught in the throes of gambling at a casino in Saskatchewan, Reid almost missed a game.

“We were on a road trip and I was stuck in a casino because I had lost track of time. I realized it was a 2 o’clock kick off, and we were getting really close, and I yelled for a cab. I got there and the guys had already gone through warm-up. I almost missed the game.”

He chuckles wryly now but knows the optics of his comments.

“You look back now and it’s insanity. But when you’re in that moment, you don’t have reason, you have no clarity, you’re not thinking straight. It’s hard to comprehend that but because I’ve been through it, I understand how different a person you can become.”

In 2007 and 2008, Reid said he was lying to everybody. A few people knew he had a problem but admits “it’s hard to help someone that doesn’t want help.”

His rock bottom came when his marriage ended, his bank account was empty, had a huge debt and had to go live in his parents’ house.

“When there was nothing left to gamble, there was nowhere else to live, you had to go home and finally be honest; which was really hard because it’s embarrassing and you’re so ashamed. Especially the ones that care about you the most. You have to let them know that in your eyes you’ve let them down, that you’re a failure.”

With the help of his family, Reid started his climb out of his gambling addiction through the BC Lottery Corporation’s Voluntary Self-Exclusion program. The program allows a person to choose a period of time to be excluded from all facilities with slot machines, commercial bingo halls, or PlayNow长沙桑拿 for six months, one year, two years, or three years. There are roughly 9,000 people enrolled in the BCLC Self-Exclusion Program and according to a gambling study released in 2015, a little over three per cent of British Columbians have moderate to high gambling problems, with just under one per cent being considered high.

The program worked well for Reid because it was confidential and allowed him to forgo the embarrassment of having to disclose his addiction to the public.

“It was just a contract between myself and the casinos that they had the power to remove me if I came in,” Reid explains.

“I knew being a pro athlete and some people knowing who I was that I would never want to be in that embarrassing situation of being thrown out of casinos and people seeing me doing that. So that was incentive to keep me away for the brief moment at the beginning so I could begin the process of fixing my life.”

Jump to 2016 and Reid, who is now remarried with a four-month-old son and working as a commercial broker with Reliance Insurance and football analyst, says he’s a completely different person and considers himself as a success story.

This success is the reason he agreed to share his story when BCLC approached him to speak.

“I had to think about it and thought you know, that was eight years ago. I consider myself a success story. Why not? If it can help somebody, if it’s something that can be used for those that are thinking, ‘there is no hope, I’ll never get through this, there’s no tomorrow, I’ll never get around it.’ There is, and I speak from knowledge… It’s my truth, it’s my life and it’s so long ago for me that I have good perspective and I can look back and hopefully now use it for some good.”

Does Reid still have the urge to gamble? WATCH the extended interview and find out.

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UPDATE: 20 Million Watch Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Launch Via Livestream

Jul 16 2019

UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 12 (6:15 p.m. ET) – According to a statement from Tidal, the livestream of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo album launch/fashion show drew an estimated audience of 20 million. Because of the volume of streaming, many people who watched faced interruptions throughout, which a rep for Tidal addresses.

ChangSha Night Net

“With over 20 million people logging in at once to stream the show there were tech issues from AMV, the provider with service from Akamai,” reads Tidal’s statement. “Any viewers still having issues can refresh their browsers or set it to a lower streaming level.”


Today’s a big day for Kanye West, who’ll be debuting his latest fashion line and premiering his new album The Life of Pablo, with a hot-ticket show in NYC’s Madison Square Garden. Shortly before the show, he tweeted a copy of the album cover:

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West revealed the album’s new title (formerly called Waves, before that Swish) on 桑拿会所 on Wednesday, even teasing fans with a pic of the final track list.

Even if you can’t make it to Madison Square Garden, Tidal will be offering a livestream of the show, beginning at 4 p.m. ET.


In the meantime, step into ET Canada’s vault and check out the rapper’s 2005 interview with Roz Weston below.

RELATED: Kanye West Sells Out Madison Square Garden Listening Party In Under 10 Minutes

As for the album’s title, speculation is rife that West is a fan of the Netflix series Narcos, which is based on the story of notorious cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar. Then again, West has compared himself to Cuban painter Pablo Picasso in the past, so some are wondering if that might be the reason behind the album’s new name.

Related: Kanye On Cosby: ‘He’s Innocent!’

In any case, Yeezy will be hitting the stage of Studio 8H this weekend, joining Melissa McCarthy as musical guest on Saturday Night Live, airing on Saturday, February 13 at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on Global.

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New Brunswick should move seniors’ care to health department: advocate

Jul 16 2019

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant is softening his stance on making health care for seniors priority, according to the province’s seniors’ care advocate.

Cecile Cassista said at a meeting with Gallant in September, she suggested he seek support to transfer long-term care into the purview of the health department to facilitate easier funding from Ottawa.

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READ MORE: Family calls for immediate government action on improving seniors’ care

Cassista said long-term seniors’ care in New Brunswick —; including home care, nursing homes, specialized beds and special-care homes —; is currently the responsibility of the department of social development.

“It makes no sense for seniors to be under social development,” she said. “Health transfers do not go to social development. These two department work in silos.”

She said all the other provinces in Canada funds long-term seniors’ care through their health departments.

Under the Canada Health Act, a primary objective is to protect, promote and improve the physical and mental well-being of residents of Canada and to facilitate reasonable access to health services without financial or other obstacles.

In December 2015, there were 448 seniors waiting in New Brunswick hospitals for placement in nursing homes.

Cassista said Gallant supported a suggestion from the Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents’ Rights for the federal government to increase health transfer payments to the province due to its growing need for seniors’ health care.

On Wednesday, when the Atlantic premiers met with several federal cabinet ministers, Gallant said there are various ways Ottawa can help cover the higher health-care costs associated with the aging population.

“What mechanisms we use I am very open to discuss and negotiate,” he said. “But clearly as a country we have an aging population challenge that has to be addressed.”

Federal Treasury Board President Scott Brison suggested a federal-provincial partnership to help the provinces deal with the realities of increasing costs due to aging populations.

“One of the best ways to do it is invest with provinces by supporting more home care,” he said.

Cassista said she will meet with Liberal MP Ginette Petitpas Taylor, who represents the riding of Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe, at a roundtable pre-budget discussion on Friday in Riverview.

She will then call upon the government to advocate with premiers of other provinces that all continuum of care services for seniors living at home and in long-term care facilities be included in the Canada Health Act.

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Bad hair day: Woman pulls gun on barber over botched cut

Jul 16 2019

A California woman was arrested and faces an attempted murder charge after allegedly pulling a gun on her barber after becoming upset with her haircut.

Twenty-nine-year-old Adrian Blanche Swain left Manny Montero’s barbershop Wednesday without issue following her $20 cut, and even gave Montero a $20 tip on top of the trim.

But, Swain allegedly returned three hours later upset.

“She came in with, you know, a bald spot on the side and I’m like, I didn’t do that,” said Montero.

“She erased everything I did, messed it up with a razor,” Montero told FOX’s San Diego affiliate.

“When she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with,” confirmed Chris Tatum, another barber at the shop.

“She took it all off, and then she came in, and said ‘Look what you did to my hair,’” Montero said.

That’s when the confrontation escalated, with Swain allegedly pulling a gun.

A San Diego police report shows Swain tried to fire the gun three times, but did not fire.

Police say the bullets jammed, causing the gun to malfunction.

“Your whole life runs in front of your eyes,” said Montero, who acted quickly to prevent the situation from becoming deadly.

Montero and Tatum tackled Swain to the ground, and removed the gun from her hand, according to police.

Police are still investigating.

ChangSha Night Net


  • Hair tourniquet? Parents share story of baby’s injury after hair scare

  • Do you #DadDo? NFL stars turn hairdressers in adorable new videos

  • Police seize handgun and marijuana after high-risk take down

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Top ICBC cyber fraud cases of 2015

Jul 16 2019

Insurance industry estimates 10 to 20 per cent of auto insurance claims contain at least one element of fraud or exaggeration. Fraudulent claims cost B.C. up to $600 million each year, or every driver more than $100 on their annual insurance policy.

ChangSha Night Net

In order to combat fraud and raise awareness, ICBC’s Special Investigations Unit opened 2,350 cyber cases last year. ICBC has also beefed up its training program to help frontline staff detect fraud, and later this year, it will purchase special fraud software that will help to quickly flag patterns and high predictors of fraud at the beginning of the claims process.

Investigators look at online profiles and social media activity to discover when people are exaggerating their claims lying about their injuries.

WATCH: ICBC warns of fraudulent car claims affecting insurance premiums

ICBC has released some examples of cyber fraud cases last year where people were caught red-handed online as part of its anti-fraud campaign.

Roller Derby Ruse
After getting into a crash, a woman complained that her injuries were preventing her from going back to work as a hairdresser. But according to her Facebook and 桑拿会所 accounts, although she may not have been able to go to work, she still had the energy to go hiking, running, and join a roller derby team. A rising star on the rink, her updates regaled the many injuries she incurred as one of the ‘hardest hitters’ on the team. When confronted with the evidence, the woman agreed fair compensation was about half of what she was originally demanding, and she settled her claim.

Kung Fu Cure
A Lower Mainland man claimed that he was unable to go back to his desk job due to his injuries, following a collision in Vancouver. Shortly after his claim was submitted, investigators found pictures of him on Facebook showcasing his athletic prowess, while supposedly recovering from his crash. In one photo, posted by a friend, he’s seen crossing the finish line of a grueling 12-mile obstacle race in Whistler. In another, it’s a video of him taking down an opponent at a mixed martial arts facility. After the evidence was shown to him, he quickly settled his claim, citing a miraculous recovery from his injuries.

When There’s Smoke…
A Kamloops man reported to police and ICBC that his truck – which he claimed was in good working condition – had been set on fire by vandals. The representative who took his claim smelled smoke, so ICBC’s cyber investigators did some digging and found the same truck listed for sale on Craigslist. In the description, the owner revealed his motive when he wrote that he was putting his vehicle up for sale because he couldn’t afford to pay for the repairs his truck sorely needed. Furthermore, the estimator inspecting the vehicle uncovered physical evidence confirming that the fire was suspicious. The man was denied payment on his claim, and was left with an idle truck.

Million Dollar Mischief
A Kelowna woman was involved in a minor MVA when she was hit by a motorcycle while walking in a crosswalk with friends. The case went to trial where she demanded $1M for her injuries. In court, the judge heard the woman make inconsistent statements, and found the reports from her father and medical providers contradictory to her claims as well. ICBC investigators also submitted social media posts that challenged her claims. As a result of the overwhelming amount of evidence that showed she had grossly exaggerated her injuries, the judge denied her $1M request and awarded her only $20,000 for her actual injuries. She was also required to pay for ICBC’s legal costs – about $34,000.

Insurance fraud can be reported to ICBC’s tips line at 1-800-661-6844. Tip information is confidential and callers can remain anonymous.

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