Need Valentine’s date night ideas? These TV personalities share their favourites

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we asked a few TV personalities to send in their favourite ideas for a night out or their best date night ever! Check out what they said below.

Global BC’s Sonia Deol wants a Valentine’s date with her 3-year-old


The perfect gift. The perfect card. The perfect date. There is so much pressure these days to get it absolutely right and the advertisements would lead us to believe that it also costs a fair bit too. Whether it’s jewelry, chocolates, flowers, or fancy restaurants, I really do think Valentine’s Day today is too commercialized and we have lost the real essence of old-fashioned romance. My parents have been married for 45 years and are still very much in love. What’s their secret? Laughing together, being best friends and having moments, and that’s what the best date is about for me. Memorable moments.

Those moments are not just those that may involve your partner but also your children too if you have them. I have a 3-year-old daughter named Angelica who I fall in love with more and more every day. In a world where we seem to be busier than ever before, on our phones, laptops and rushing around, I believe it’s important to find the time to create those moments which turn into precious memories. So my best date would be to spend the entire day and evening with my daughter, giving her all my attention without the need to check my emails or look at my phone.

Photo: Sonia Deol’s 3-year-old daughter, Angelica

We live in beautiful Vancouver where the choices are endless. We would walk around the aquarium if it’s raining or walk along Stanley Park’s Seawall if it’s nice outside and then find a nice spot for lunch. So my best date doesn’t involve spending lots of money or being showered with diamonds. My perfect date would be to spend it with the biggest love of my life right now and be amazed at the endless chatter of a 3-year-old!

Sonia Deol, Global BC Morning News Co-Anchor

Global Edmonton’s Laurel Gregory looks forward to a long run and some sushi

I’m a big fan of the “day” date. If things go well, you can extend your time together with a dinner out. If things aren’t going well, you can make a clean exit by having plans with other parties that evening!

One of my favourite early dates with my husband started out that way. We hit Edmonton’s Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market, went for an afternoon movie, grabbed a bite and then ended the day at a local jazz club.

Spending a long period of time with someone is the best way to get to know them. If someone is a jerk they can only “play nice” for so long!

Photo: Laurel Gregory on a perfect date with her husband

Now that we are parents, our day dates are less frequent and, as a result, more special. We seize the opportunities as they come.

With that in mind, my perfect Valentine’s Day date would involve a long, night run with my husband followed by a sushi dinner (sans enfant!)!

Laurel Gregory, Family Matters Reporter for Global News Edmonton

ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli remembers a romantic trip to Chicago with his wife

Photo: Rick Campanelli and his wife Angie

One of my best dates ever was with my wife, Angie. We were in Chicago for New Year’s Eve back in 2008/2009. We got tipsy listening to Lionel Richie in Grant Park then ate an unforgettable steak dinner complete with hats and noisemakers to ring in the New Year. The next day we continued the date with the NHL Winter Classic held outdoors at Wrigley Field. It was freezing cold but we snuggled up to keep warm. After the game we headed back to the hotel to watch a Rocky marathon and lose ourselves in room service.

Rick Campanelli, ET Canada Co-Host

HGTV Canada’s Tiffany Pratt wants to be swept off her feet

Photo: HGTV Canada’s Tiffany Pratt

My perfect Valentine picks me up early with a fancy dress that he picked out that I need to change into and we promptly take a flight to NYC. We play in the city, have epic dinner and see some kind of show. We stay the night, wake up and have a killer breakfast and fly home that afternoon. Failing this, I could be swooned with an epic amount of chocolate turtles and a take-out gluten-free Domino’s pizza, followed by a long salt bath and an early bed time.

Big or small, a good romantic gesture is never lost on me and always greatly appreciated however it arrives. Happy Valentine’s DAY to everyone! Love yourself no matter what! XO!

You can catch Tiffany Pratt on the new HGTV Canada series Home to Win, premiering this Spring

Rishma Govani falls for her husband

Photo: Rishma Govani and her husband Aly

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the idea of Valentine’s Day (so forced and cheesy), so before I had kids I didn’t celebrate the holiday. Post kids, every holiday takes on a fresh new meaning. This year, we made homemade cards and my heart melts when the kids tell me they’ve planned a big surprise for me.

It’s challenging to pinpoint just one standout date night because my courtship and marriage to my partner has been a whirlwind of exciting dates, planned and spontaneous. We enjoy restaurants and regularly check out new places whether they are high or low. We love movies (little indie gems and big blockbusters, too). We love to travel —; off the beaten path and the go big or big home spots too. We love TV and currently and embarrassingly (well, not really considering I work in TV) we have 13 shows on the go. Some of our best moments have been on the couch with my blanket, popcorn and with Aly, my husband.

This winter I am learning to skate and recently it was just the two of us on the figure eight rink across the street from our home, sipping our steeped tea. The music was on and it was a scene straight out of a romcom complete with the girl who keeps falling on her butt looking up at her best friend.

This spring, we’ve planned a date night at the David Dunlop Observatory to stargaze together.

Rishma Govani, Communications Manager for Global News.

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