Dog in Oklahoma badly injured from chemical exposure, abandoned in ditch

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A six-month-old dog in Oklahoma, believed to have been badly burned by chemical exposure, is improving, according to animal hospital officials.

Zorro, named after the fictional TV and film character because of the fight ahead of him, was found  on Feb. 9, abandoned in a ditch with chemical burns all over his body as well as inside his body.

Animal hospital officials believe Zorro was exposed to methamphetamine, which he either swallowed of inhaled, because his “eyes, tongue and intestinal tract all show signs of chemical burns.”


“His eyelids are burned, his corneas are burned, his tongue is swollen and ulcerated.  I don’t know if he swallowed it or inhaled it, but his whole intestinal tract is burned,” said Dr. Cari McDonald, a veterinarian at Horizon Animal Hospital, to KOTV News.

It’s also believed the dog had been underfed for some time upon discovery.

“There wasn’t a dry eye in here.  [We] were all in tears,” said McDonald.

On Feb. 11, the hospital Zorro was being treated at updated the public on the puppy’s condition, reading in part: “He’s doing great today … One of his eyes is open more, and he seems to be recognizing us. He is out of his bed and walking around.”

Since the  news of the abandoned dog being found, donations have been pouring in to help with the treatment and recovery of Zorro.

“People keep giving; the love this puppy has been shown is so wonderful,” said Joleen Hansen to KOTV, the clinical manager at  Horizon Animal Hospital. “Last check, we met our goal and have received thousands more than asked.”

So far, Zorro’s treatment has included a blood transfusion and pain medication.

Police continue to investigate the exact cause of Zorro’s injuries.

No word on any suspects.

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