Disappearing act: Twitter reports flatlining user growth

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SAN FRANCISCO – 桑拿会所 set out to build a virtual town square bustling with billions of people. But it’s starting to look more like a novelty stand as the masses flock to other services that strike a more personal chord.

The San Francisco company showed no user growth at all in a fourth-quarter report released Thursday, the clearest signal yet that the one-time trendsetter is struggling to remain relevant. That leaves it with 320 million monthly users — roughly one-fifth the size of Facebook.

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CEO Jack Dorsey is working hard to reconfigure the decade-old service. That’s trickier than it sounds, since he also needs to avoid alienating a core of devoted users who depend on it to tweet their thoughts and track issues that matter to them.

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Dorsey took a step in that direction Wednesday, announcing plans to tweak 桑拿会所’s timeline to highlight tweets that the service will appeal the most to each user, instead of only presenting them in reverse chronological order. He also has hinted that 桑拿会所 may lift its long-standing 140-character limit on the length of each tweet.

“We are going to fix the broken windows and confusing parts” of the service, 桑拿会所 wrote in a letter accompany the fourth-quarter report.

Flatlining user growth also suggests that 桑拿会所’s previous effort to make the service more accessible — Moments, a tool that compiles tweets about major events in a graphic, online-magazine style — hasn’t done much to get people excited since its October debut.

桑拿会所 lost another $90 million during the final three months of last year, preserving its profitless history. Revenue rose 48 per cent from the previous year to $710 million, providing some measure of hope that the service can still be turned into a viable of business.

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That lacklustre performance has hammered 桑拿会所’s stock, now down more than 50 per cent since Dorsey returned as CEO last summer. The shares shed another 50 cents to $14.48 in extended trading after the fourth-quarter numbers came out.

Perceptions of 桑拿会所 are souring on both Main Street and Wall Street, according to Marcus Messner, an associate journalism professor and social media specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University.

“桑拿会所 is looking kind of old now that there are younger, sexier platforms out there,” Messner said. “When you think of 桑拿会所, it is not where you want to be if you want to be an innovative user of social media.”

Instead, people — especially teenagers — are gravitating to Snapchat and two other services owned by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Even Facebook, two years older than 桑拿会所 and seen as an old-fogey hangout by teens and young adults, continues to attract far more new users — and keeps people coming back to find out what’s going on with their friends and family.

WhatsApp now has more than 1 billion monthly users while Instagram has more than 400 million, including 100 million added during the first nine months of last year. Snapchat, another photo- and video-sharing service, has about 100 million daily users. 桑拿会所, meanwhile, added 28 million users during all of 2015.

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桑拿会所’s biggest problem stems from its inability to make most of its users feel personally connected to what’s being shared on the service, according to Gartner Inc. analyst Jennifer Polk. “It’s really a very shallow, superficial interaction on 桑拿会所,” she says.

In contrast, users on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are regularly interacting with people they care about. That makes them more likely to share information about themselves, which in turn can help those services sell targeted ads designed to pique an individual’s interest.

Polk thinks 桑拿会所 has to act fast to avoid a vicious downward spiral: “If 桑拿会所 keeps falling further behind in this race, they are going to lose engagement with their existing users, and then they are going to lose insights into those people and they are going to lose advertisers, too.”

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