Cost of Montreal food truck management to double: report

Written by admin on 26/04/2020 Categories: 老域名出售

MONTREAL – The cost of managing food trucks in Montreal is going up.

According to a report in La Presse, next year’s bill for managing food truck locations and opening hours will more than double.

Last year, the City of Montreal paid out about $57,000 to the Conseils Atelya firm to manage food trucks; this year, the city is set to pay out about $120,000.

In 2013, when it was still a pilot project, the food truck season lasted from May to October, involved about three dozen trucks and hit a few snags.

Some truck operators initially complained that the regulations concerning locations and opening times did not consider foot traffic, forcing them to operate at times and places when demand was low.

As the years have progressed, the number of trucks has exploded and their schedules have expanded, with some trucks – like the Gaufrabec waffle truck – operating all year-round.


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