Bad hair day: Woman pulls gun on barber over botched cut

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A California woman was arrested and faces an attempted murder charge after allegedly pulling a gun on her barber after becoming upset with her haircut.

Twenty-nine-year-old Adrian Blanche Swain left Manny Montero’s barbershop Wednesday without issue following her $20 cut, and even gave Montero a $20 tip on top of the trim.

But, Swain allegedly returned three hours later upset.

“She came in with, you know, a bald spot on the side and I’m like, I didn’t do that,” said Montero.

“She erased everything I did, messed it up with a razor,” Montero told FOX’s San Diego affiliate.

“When she came back in, she did not have the same haircut that she actually left with,” confirmed Chris Tatum, another barber at the shop.

“She took it all off, and then she came in, and said ‘Look what you did to my hair,’” Montero said.

That’s when the confrontation escalated, with Swain allegedly pulling a gun.

A San Diego police report shows Swain tried to fire the gun three times, but did not fire.

Police say the bullets jammed, causing the gun to malfunction.

“Your whole life runs in front of your eyes,” said Montero, who acted quickly to prevent the situation from becoming deadly.

Montero and Tatum tackled Swain to the ground, and removed the gun from her hand, according to police.

Police are still investigating.



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