5th on 5th Youth Services launches 2016 fundraising campaign

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LETHBRIDGE – The Lethbridge Youth Foundation and 5th on 5th Youth Services announced Thursday the 2016 fundraising goal of $30,000, and the campaign theme of ‘Bringing People Together.’

The foundation is continuing its commitment to at-risk youth for the 20th year, despite being short on funding for a number of years. Executive director of 5th on 5th, Gail McKenzie, said the group is starting down a path to financial recovery.



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    “Four years ago was when we lost our major funding and that was about 50 per cent of our budget gone,” McKenzie said.

    “It’s really only because of the community support that we are still standing.”

    MLA for Lethbridge East Maria Fitzpatrick has been a long-time, vocal supporter of 5th on 5th and said it’s not surprising to hear the commitment the city has to its youth.

    “I have spoken to so many people in the community that got their start by coming in here,” Fitzpatrick said. “Whether it was support in getting your resume together [or] whether it was support in getting those last couple of courses finished from high school.”

    McKenzie said businesses have really stepped up to the plate to support this service that helps youth with upgrading, getting their first jobs, and learning from industry leaders.

    “We’ve had so many volunteers come in and people that have hosted placements for our youth and it’s really just all about the community working together to help this generation step forward,” she added.

    The 2016 campaign closes with ‘A Taste of Lethbridge’ – an appreciation event for donors on April 9 that will feature Lethbridge’s finest restaurants, live music and a silent auction at Exhibition Park.

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